World Party Day - the club is calling us

World Party Day - the club is calling us

April 3rd is World Party Day. So put on some music, grab a few drinks, hit the club, or simply relax in your own space. Looking for outfit inspiration for tonight? Get inspired by our look ideas!

A touch of gold

Why look basic when you can look extra? To elevate your look, add a touch of gold to your outfit. You'll undoubtedly catch everyone's eye.

Unisa ​ - ​ Lore Van Keer - Tamaris

Funky patterns and colors

Add some personality to your outfit by wearing funky colors and patterns: animal prints or a strong color will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Mix and match patterns or go for a color blocking look.

CKS - GUESS Jeans - Caroline Biss - Imprevu

Black is a golden attitude

If you're clueless about what to wear on a night out, black is always a good idea. And to give some contrast, add eye-catching accessories like gold jewelry or a brightly colored bag.

CKS - GUESS Jeans- LolaLiza - GUESS Jeans

New heights

Beauty is pain as they say, but it doesn't have to be that way. These shoes are the way to go if you want to add some height while remaining comfortable all night.

Unisa - Caroline Biss - Tamaris

Party bags

Lipgloss, concealer for touch-ups, hand sanitizer and a face mask are essential products to have on hand when going out. You'll need a party bag to carry all that stuff. These bags will do the trick, stylishly.

2x Unisa - GUESS

Simple but major bling

Wanna go that extra mile? Add a great set of earrings, a chunky bracelet, a ring, or a classy watch that will add real bling to your look.

2x Lore Van Keer - Longines - Lore Van keer

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