Gender neutral fashion: blending masculinity and femininity

Gender neutral fashion: blending masculinity and femininity

In a world that is progressively recognizing and celebrating diversity, the concept of genderneutral fashion is now more important than ever. Although brands continue to release collections designated for men and women, many garments are for anyone to wear. Get inspired by our latest unisex pieces.

Suit up!

Wearing a suit was once synonymous with masculinity. That drastically changed when a more feminine silhouette was adopted by women. However, nowadays women enjoy boxy blazers whereas more men are choosing waist-emphasizing blazers for their suit.


Caroline Biss, Terre Bleue


Sneakers are the most popular example of unisex fashion as both men and women can rock the exact same models without any modifications. This footwear essential comes in all styles, colors, and designs making them suitable for every taste.

Floris Van Bommel x2, SJ

Straight-fit shirts

Straight-fit shirts are a classic style that goes beyond gender and body shape. The styling options are endless. Combine it with jeans or tuck it in chinos or skirts for a more elevated look.


The bomber jacket

Even though it was James Dean who was first seen with his iconic red bomber jacket. The jacket, symbolizing rebellion and non-conformity, has found its way into feminine wardrobes as well. Originally designed for pilots the jacket gives warmth as well as style.

The denim jacket

Another unisex wardrobe staple is the denim jacket. The jackets usually come in neutral colours such as blue and grey tones and they provide a great piece of functional outerwear without compromising style. Anyone can top off their look with a denim jacket.

With loose fabrics, straight silhouettes and neutral colours it has become easier than ever to mix and match masculine and feminine clothing. Gender-non-specific garments are setting to the tone to a new freedom of expression in wardrobes of both men and women.


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