Vive La Belgique! Celebrate the National Holiday in Style

Vive La Belgique! Celebrate the National Holiday in Style

On July 21st, we celebrate our National Holiday, a perfect occasion to embrace the unique style of our favorite Belgian brands. While traditional festivities may be low-key, it’s a day off where you can indulge in fashion and subtly celebrate the essence of Belgitude. Explore our curated selection of Belgian brands to honor the craftsmanship and style that make Belgian fashion so distinctive.

Cozy Dates & Belgian Hotspots

What better way to celebrate our National Holiday than in a cozy Belgian café, with a beer in one hand and fries in the other! Or perhaps you prefer a picnic with your friends in one of the many beautiful parks Belgium has to offer? Slip into your favorite jeans paired with a vibrant, playful t-shirt, and you're all set to enjoy the holiday in comfort at your favorite Belgian hotspot!

2x CKS - Mayerline - Caroline Biss

Colourful Trip to Brussels

Are you ready to go all out? Immerse yourself in the National Holiday spirit in Brussels, draped in the Belgian colors: black, yellow, and red. Treat yourself to a delicious Brussels waffle, soak in the city's iconic sights, and wrap up the day with magical fireworks.

​ 2x Caroline Biss - LolaLiza

Cultural Sightseeing

How about visiting the Castle of the Counts in Ghent or the Belfry in Bruges? Exploring these cultural landmarks is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the national holiday spirit. Slip into something comfortable and stylish and embark on a fun-filled city adventure. Enjoy!

2x JBC - Caroline Biss - SJ

Wannabe Royalty

Do you want to feel like a queen at a fancy ball or party? Embrace your inner royalty by wearing your most elegant two-piece set. Celebrate in style with chic heels and fashionable accessories, and get ready to shine!

2x Mayerline - Caroline Biss - Veritas

Festivities at the Belgian seaside

Is the coast your ultimate retreat? Mark the 21st of July by celebrating in your favorite Belgian seaside town! Dive into a feast of delectable mussels and fries while soaking up the seaside charm and vibrant atmosphere. It's the perfect recipe for a day filled with fun and relaxation. Toss on your favorite shorts and a vibrant top, and you're totally beach-ready!

JBC x Steffi Mercie - LolaLiza - Caroline Biss - Mayerline

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