Vintage denim vibes with bellbottoms and bloomers

Vintage denim vibes with bellbottoms and bloomers

Opt for a time-traveling style extravaganza, where iconic bellbottom jeans of the '60s and '70s meet chic bloomer denims from the '80s for an unbeatable fall fashion statement.

Bellbottom bonanza

Where vintage meets vogue. Time to revitalize your wardrobe with a throwback to the groovy era. Bellbottom or flared jeans, the iconic fashion statement of the '60s and '70s, are making a triumphant comeback this season.

Lee Cooper - BRAX - GUESS - Caroline Biss

Style them with a colorful knit

B.Young at JUTTU - CKS - Mayerline - Nümph at JUTTU

Bloomer bangers

Embrace retro-modern style with bloomer jeans. High-waisted and relaxed-fit, these '80s-inspired denims combine vintage comfort with contemporary fashion for a chic statement look.

Four Roses at JUTTU - CKS - LolaLiza - Lee Cooper

Style them with chunky loafers

Floris van Bommel - Unisa - Tamaris - Unisa

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