Valentine's for one

Valentine's for one

Valentine's is for lovers, sure. But let's not lose focus and first and foremost love ourselves. So radiate all the feels (for yourself) in an unironic pink-and-red outfit and boost your mood with these selfcare gift ideas.

Cute couple (you and your outfit)

2x CKS - Caroline Biss

Cosy up and nourish (no toxic behaviour please)

Veritas - PHYTO nourishing styling butter - Freedom Moses

Insta shock with color block

Unisa - BRAX - Caroline Biss

Pretty detail, never fail

Lore Van Keer - SUN68 - Roger&Gallet

Red wine spills allowed

Marciano by GUESS - Mayerline - Longines

Purified skin, inpure thoughts

La Redoute Intérieurs - MAE at Veritas - Jowaé

Dress down for the occasion

Anita - CKS - GUESS

Happiness in a drop - or in a bar

Ganō Care - OKONO

Nowhere to go, everything to gain

Tamaris - LolaLiza - Veritas

Top tips for great tops

Betty Barclay - B.Young at JUTTU - La Redoute Collections

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