TikTok saw it first: the hair edition

TikTok saw it first: the hair edition

Dancing, singing, or sharing daily life on TikTok – it's all fair game. We usually stick to our 'For You Page' on TikTok, but inevitably, we get sucked into the captivating world of hair trends. It's just too easy, and we're sure many can relate. So, let's now dive into these TikTok hair trends that users loved - #hairtok.

Ready to up your hair game or refresh your style without spending a fortune or making major changes? We've got the inside scoop on the hottest TikTok hair trends that went viral in 2023!

Heatless curls


If you've been scrolling through TikTok lately, you've likely seen the viral heatless curl methods that are taking the platform by storm. Content creators are experimenting with innovative ways to achieve gorgeous curls or waves without using heat styling tools like flat irons or curling irons.

While some of these TikTok techniques are fresh and inventive, others have been cherished by hairstylists for years. What unites these viral heatless curl methods is their consistent ability to deliver stunning results!

Sleek bun


From celebrities to TikTok influencers, the trend of applying reparative hair products and slicking back hair into a bun has taken off. It's become a go-to for many, offering a chic and low-maintenance look. With the help of straightforward step-by-step tutorials, you can now easily recreate this iconic style at home. When it comes to setting a trend, we can’t deny the power Sofia Richie has. Her tutorial offers a clear guide to achieving the perfect slicked-back bun.

The appeal is evident: this technique allows for deep hair conditioning while rocking a stylish, public-ready hairstyle, no questions asked!

Scalp care & hair growth treatments


The TikTok scalp care and hair growth trend is like a virtual hair salon: people massaging oils, wielding fancy brushes, and applying serums with the kind of dedication that would make Rapunzel proud. The hashtag #rosemaryoil is the star of the show, as creators share their hair transformation journeys with this magical elixir. And we haven't even discussed the Japanese head spa trend yet...

It's not just about hair; it's a digital quest for luscious locks. Whether you're on a hair growth mission or just want to treat your scalp like royalty, TikTok's scalp care trend is the place to be for all things fabulous follicles!

Healthy hair will never go out of style, and these trends are more proof of that. Whether you're trying to keep your hair looking vibrant or boosting your hair-growth lineup, there will be something on the market for you, including these products from Phyto.

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