The life of the you!

The life of the you!

Festive feel good looks for women

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Now that you have decided on your Halloween costume, it is time to think about those end of year get togethers, those cosy Christmas dinners and those fabulous New Year parties. No we don't want to party like it's 1999. 2020 is bringing those block rockin' beats.


Look 1 - Ditch the dress, wear the pants

Guess - Unisa - Lore Van Keer - Caroline Biss - Unisa

Caroline Biss- Guess - Mayerline - Marciano for Guess - Lore Van Keer


Look 2 - Did anyone say COLOR?

Unisa - Lore Van Keer - L'Histoire de Louise by e5 - Unisa

La Redoute - Unisa - La Redoute - Caroline Biss


Look 3 - Can a dress ever be too short?

Lore Van Keer - Unisa - Marciano by Guess - Unisa


Look 4 - Shine brighter than a diamond

Caroline Biss - SUN68 - Caroline Biss - La Redoute - Caroline Biss

Lore Van Keer - Unisa - Guess - Caroline Biss


Look 5 - Prints galore

La Redoute - Guess - Unisa - Mayerline

SUN68 -  L'Histoire de Louise by e5 - Unisa - SUN68


Look 6 - Don't forget the after party!

Chantelle - Rosa Faia - Passionata


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