Sustainable Chic: Actions by Fashion Brands for a more Sustainable Future

Sustainable Chic: Actions by Fashion Brands for a more Sustainable Future

In connection with World Earth Day April 22

As World Earth Day (April 22) approaches, let's delve into the ways our favorite brands are contributing to a more sustainable fashion landscape. Whether it's through recycling materials, implementing circular design practices, offering repair and rental services, each initiative brings us one step closer to a fashion industry that respects and protects our planet. Let's discover how these fashion brands are making fashion better for the environment.

#1 Repair, Reuse, Repeat

A.S.Adventure offers an in-house hiking shoe repair service, shoe maintenance service, and laundry service, allowing customers to repair their beloved equipment instead of disposing of them. This way, they ensure that hiking gear stays in top condition, lasts longer, and at the same time, they invest in the bottleneck profession of a shoemaker, all while promoting sustainable consumption. With services encompassing the repair of hiking boots and other gear, their skilled repair team is ready to assist.

Care & Repair Service at A.S.Adventure

#2 Second Life

Last year, Belgian outdoor & lifestyle retailer A.S.Adventure launched 'Second Life': a second-hand collection of outdoor jackets and fleeces for kids. Pieces that kids have outgrown but are still in excellent condition? A.S.Adventure gives the clothes a second life. Consider purchasing your clothing second-hand from A.S.Adventure and exchange your children's outgrown clothes for a voucher, all ready for a Second Life.

Second Life at A.S.Adventure

#3 Feel Good Fashion

BRAX celebrates sustainability with its Blue Planet Collection, where style and environment go hand in hand. With the motto "Feel Good" BRAX is committed to the well-being of both humanity and the planet, by utilizing innovative production processes and more sustainable materials. Their timeless garments demonstrate that you can look fantastic while doing good for the Earth. This initiative underscores the importance of sustainability and inspires others to make conscious choices for our planet.


Blue Planet Collection at BRAX

#4 Rental Revolution

Renting not only has an ecological aspect, but also many practical advantages. A.S.Adventure offers a (summer and winter) rental service. Whether you need camping & festival equipment, hiking & cycling gear, or water sports accessories, their rental program offers a sustainable alternative with top-quality equipment for a carefree adventure. By choosing to rent instead of buy, you reduce your environmental footprint by contributing to a more circular economy.

Rental at A.S.Adventure

#5 Eco Chic

Lee Cooper's motto is "Doing MORE with LESS." The brand strives not only to create high-quality and timeless designs but also to consciously reduce water, energy, and chemical usage. They are increasingly focusing on recycling.

Lee Cooper's circular Denim is crafted from 99% natural fibers and received a sustainable washing process with a low EMI score, resulting in minimal impact on the environment. They no longer feature a leather patch but instead sport a laser-etched logo and easily removable metal buttons. The inner pockets are made from organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly ink. Additionally, metal rivets have been replaced with decorative stitching, making the jeans easy to recycle after use.

Circular Denim at Lee Cooper

#6 Sustainable Steps

Step into sustainability with SJ Lifestyle Icon sneakers! These stylish kicks are not only trendy but also eco-friendly, crafted from 60% recycled materials. From the lining to the laces and insole, every component is made from recycled materials, reducing environmental impact without sacrificing style.

Icon sneakers at SJ Lifestyle

#7 Second-hand Store

JBC proudly opens its first second-hand store in Olen, Belgium, offering preloved baby and children's clothing from JBC, CKS, and fred + ginger. This step shows how committed JBC is to being sustainable and achieving an important milestone. By expanding on what they've done before, like big clothing swaps and having dedicated second-hand sections, JBC is still leading in making sure we use resources wisely and cut down on textile waste.

Second-hand store at JBC

#8 Upcycled Combi-shirt

Mayerline Brussels introduces a limited edition upcycled combi-shirt, crafted from remaining 100% silk scarves and high-quality surplus cotton. The brand embraces circular fashion principles by reducing overstocks and rejuvenating old pieces.

In this collection, the concept of surplus stock translates into exclusive limited edition pieces. Each combi-shirt boasts a unique touch, featuring a back and chest pocket in 100% silk sourced from Mayerline's iconic silk scarves. This integration ensures the shirts remain luxuriously light and breezy, ideal for summer wear.

Combi-shirt at Mayerline

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