Surprising ways to spend your eco vouchers

Surprising ways to spend your eco vouchers

Most employees get them, but only a few of us know how to spend them wisely: eco vouchers are a great fringe benefit… So don't let these babies expire. Eco vouchers are an extra-legal benefit that encourage ecological purchases and are valid for two years. Having trouble figuring out what to do with your precious vouchers? Bet you’ll be surprised at all the ways you can cash them. Let’s find out!

Tip 1: Get yourself a unique spring outfit

The ReJUsed corner by Belgian brand Juttu, featuring second-hand clothing and accessories, continues to thrive. Curated by Studio Retag from Limburg, it's a fantastic way to utilize your eco vouchers responsibly while supporting the environment. That's a win-win-win situation! Plus, numerous brands at Juttu accept eco-vouchers for payment. Check out the link to see which ones.

Just a heads up, they're only valid for in-store purchases!

Tip 2: Rent your next holiday equipment

Done with being part of our throw-away society? Amen to that! Before going on your next adventure, whether it's a snowy escapade or a summer trip, make a stop at the A.S.Adventure store. All year round, the Belgian outdoor & lifestyle retailer's summer & winter rental service offers everything you need for hiking, camping, biking, festival-going, watersports - or skiing & snowboard equipment in winter. Whether you're going camping with a tent, zooming down the slopes on skis, or enjoying a staycation in your backyard, the A.S.Adventure rental service offers everything you need for a carefree adventure with top-quality equipment, all while being kind to the planet. Discover the rental service here.

Tip 3: Buy your kids a not (entirely) new outfit

From one little adventurer to the next one. A.S.Adventure's Second Life collection is a qualitative collection of second-hand outdoor jackets and fleeces for kids. Children grow rapidly, quickly outgrowing their wardrobes; these clothes end up prematurely in the landfill, even though they are still in perfectly good condition. No more! The Belgian outdoor & lifestyle gives them a second life, with every item to tell their own story and many more adventures to come. Discover the Second Life second-hand collection in 12 stores in Belgium. Or bring in your own clothes at A.S.Adventure in exchange for a voucher.

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Nice detail: each piece of clothing gets a label “for the new adventurer” to write down the name of your child. However, the label also provides space for the next adventurers, as the intention is to really extend the lifespan of these pieces.

Read everything about the Second Life collection here.

Tip 4: Have your gear repaired or cared for

If your outdoor clothing or hiking boots could talk… They would tell of all the adventures they've accompanied you on. It's a shame to toss out your travel memories along with your clothing and shoes once they wear out. Good news: the better you care for and maintain quality gear, the longer it will stay in tip top shape! That's why A.S.Adventure hosts an in-house shoe repair & maintenance service and laundry service for your ski, outdoor, and cycling clothing. Great for you, your gear and for the planet. Read more about A.S.Adventure's Care & Repair service here.

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Tip 5: Shop till you drop

A.S.Adventure offers a wide range of sustainable products that you can buy with your ecocheques. From obvious rechargeable batteries to sports watches (solar or otherwise) and cycling equipment. Some examples:

  • Clothing: from outdoor jackets to cuddly soft fleeces, from cool pants to summer dresses, and from ski suits to sportswear.
  • Backpacks: from daypacks to trekking backpacks and from school bags to laptop bags, including water bottles and lunch boxes;
  • Cycling material: from cycling shorts to cycling jerseys, bike helmets, bike bags, and cycling socks
  • Camping gear: From tents to sleeping bags and sleeping pads to cooking essentials, coolers, and string lights

Discover all of them here. Happy shopping spree!

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