Stepping out in style: how fashion can elevate your walking game

Stepping out in style: how fashion can elevate your walking game

I would walk five hundred miles, and I would walk five hundred more… you guessed it, walking season is upon us. Whether you choose to stroll around town or hike in the mountains, being fashionable is always an option. Discover our selection of sporty and stylish hiking clothes that look as good as they feel. Start and end your day on the right foot.

Anita Active
Anita Active

Daily hot girl/boy walk

Do you prefer a quiet walk in the park or a city stroll followed by a coffee in the sun? These trendy walking outfits might be for you. Your walk may be peaceful, your outfit can still scream stylish.

For her


Object at Juttu - BRAX - Bristol - Veritas

La Redoute Collections - Lee Cooper - Floris van Bommel - Améline by Mayerline

CKS - Mayerline - Unisa - Armedangels at Juttu

For him

SUN68 - Lee Cooper - Floris van Bommel - Longines

GUESS - Anerkjendt at Juttu - Floris van Bommel - SUN68

Hiking is my therapy

All fervent hikers raise your hands and get geared up with the most practical and stylish looks. Capture your hiking goals and fashionable look in a photo after that hike, you deserve it!

For her

BRAX (x2) - A.S. Adventure (x2)

Betty Barclay - Anita Active - Tamaris - Ucon Acrobatics at Juttu

GUESS (x2) - A.S. Adventure - Emporio Armani (at Pearle)

For him


A.S. Adventure (x4)

A.S. Adventure (x3) - HEAD at Veritas walking socks

Compress to impress

Those who hike a lot will often suffer from heavy legs. Compression socks to the rescue. These miracle socks put pressure on the lower legs and feet and help against tired or restless legs and work preventively against varicose veins and blood clots.

Veritas now present compression socks that are not only good for your health, but also look great. With fun colors that you can mix and match with your outfit, everyone wants to show off compression stockings. Veritas wants to help Belgians become the best version of themselves, both in terms of health and fashion.

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