Retail therapy after Corona

Retail therapy after Corona

We're all looking forward to when all of this is over and we can go back to our normal lives. You have undoubtedly already thought about everything you'll do when we get out of this crisis. Visit your grandparents, hug your friends, go to your favorite bar in town, get a much-needed haircut and of course... go shopping! Because after all, retail therapy is a lot less expensive than a real therapist.

While everyone has been filling up those online baskets, you may start to crave a real life shopping experience. It's time to replace those joggers for some real clothing! Find some inspiration for the best after-quarantine outfits below.

Tropical Prints

LolaLiza (3x) - JBC (2x) - Guess (4x)

Yellow: the color of summer

Améline by Mayerline (2x) - BRAX (3x) - ┬áCaroline Biss (2x) - Guess (2x)

Denim for summer

Guess (3x) - LolaLiza (3x) - Lee Cooper (3x)

Summer sandals

Caroline Biss (2x) - Unisa (2x) - Tamaris (2x) - Floris van Bommel (2x)

La Redoute


Banana Moon (2x) - O'Neill (2x) - Anita - Rosa Faia (2x)

Passionata (2x) - Chantelle (2x)


About Trends

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