Ready, Sun, Cheers!

Ready, Sun, Cheers!

The Best Ingredients for a Sunny Summer Apero

Sun's out, drinks out! With this week’s warm weather, it's time to rally your friends for a cozy aperitif on the terrace or in the park! Refreshing drinks, fun glassware and elegant styling items: here's everything you need for the perfect boozy afternoon or evening with your pals. Of course, paired with sunshine, laughter, and summer tunes. Clink clink!

Are you in for a fruity cocktail in your backyard? Then roll up those sleeves and create the perfect drinks with the Sage InFizz Fusion and a splash of Bulldog Dry Gin. Mix these two up for a fizzy yet fresh cocktail perfect for sunny days and fun talks. Or how about a fizzy Sarti Spritz, your new favorite pink drink? Looking for an alcohol-free option? The bubbly Double Dutch mixer is the way to go then.

Sage Appliances (2x) - Bulldog Gin (2x)

Sarti (2x) - Snippers at Juttu (2x)

Double Dutch (3x)

The perfect summer apero isn't complete without a beautiful setting for your drinks. Time to create a cozy setup around your garden table. Assemble the comfiest chairs, filled with cushions for maximum relaxation. Oh, and don't forget a parasol to shield from the sun!

La Redoute Intérieurs (3x)

Hello Blogzine at La Redoute - La Redoute Intérieurs (2x)

AM.PM at La Redoute (2x) - La Redoute Intérieurs

Last but not least, adorn your table with fun cocktail glasses, cute plates, and vases filled with flowers to make this summer gathering truly unforgettable! An ice bucket for your drinks is a must, as well as cute serving dishes for your delicious snacks.

Balvi at Juttu - ​ La Redoute Intérieurs - Anneke Crauwels - Anna Nina at Juttu

Anneke Crauwels (3x)

La Redoute Intérieurs (3x)

Grab these must-have goodies for the perfect summer aperitif and head out to your terrace or the park for an unforgettable sunny apero. Cheers!

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