Pantone mania: blue colored vibes coming your way!

Pantone mania: blue colored vibes coming your way!

Stay on trend upcoming season

Classic blue has been elected by Pantone as the 2020 color of the year. Well, what do you think about looking at life through blue colored glasses upcoming season? After the long, cold Winter it is time to radiate your regained energy. This color perfectly represents a feeling of confidence, peace, calmness and power. I'm blue da ba dee da be da with a lot of positivism.

When looking at magazines and newspapers there is one thing that stands out: multiple powerful people are dressed in blue. Yes this wardrobe essential makes you look and feel good, all with that sophisticated touch. Using blue as an accessory only adds up to that power look. Blue on blue, yes we can!


Unisa, Elisabetta Franchi, Passionata, Caroline Biss (2x), Unisa, Chantelle, Anita, Chantelle


Brax, O'Neill, GUESS


Interiorwise, the same idea is rolled out. Using blue as a statement color is an easy way to draw focus to certain pieces and give a luxurious feel to the room. On top of that, blue offers a calming environment where you can easily rest and chill out after a stressful day.

Blokker (3x), La Redoute (3x)

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