Nature Calls: All Children to Play Outside

Nature Calls: All Children to Play Outside

Recently, a team of five health & kids experts and practitioners launched the nature triangle, a handy new educational tool inspired by the food triangle, which helps parents and children engage in outdoor play and a range of various natural activities. Discover each level of the nature triangle below, along with everything you need for your next outdoor adventure. Nature calls!

Daily Adventures: 1 Hour of Fun

Imagine your child sprinting across the grass, climbing trees, discovering insects, and collecting leaves and twigs in the backyard, playground, or park. Just one hour a day of these simple, joyful outdoor activities is recommended. Dress them in comfy clothes, pack a little snack, and let their imaginations run wild as they connect with nature’s endless wonders.

2x Haba, Spikeball family set, Ikonic, Haba - all available at A.S.Adventure
​2x Kikkerland at A.S.Adventure, JBC, Freedom Moses, Nutcase at A.S.Adventure

Weekly Adventures: 1-3 Hours of Exploration

Every week, set aside 1 to 3 hours to dive deeper into nature. Head to a forest, nature reserve, park, garden, farm, or even a zoo. Picture a delightful picnic, a refreshing walk, or a fun gardening session. Let your kids pick flowers, feed birds and animals, and soak in the beauty of the outdoors. These weekly escapades offer a refreshing break and a perfect chance to make lasting memories.

Patagonia at A.S.Adventure, JBC, Teva at A.S.Adventure, Buff at A.S.Adventure
​Freedom Moses, Ayacucho at A.S.Adventure, 2x Kikkerland at A.S.Adventure, Barts at A.S.Adventure

Monthly Adventures: Day or Weekend Escapades

Once a month, embark on a day or weekend adventure to places like the Ardennes or the beach. Imagine camping under the stars, scaling new heights while climbing, paddling through waters while canoeing, or participating in a beach cleanup. A fun little weekend getaway filled with endless outdoor adventure.

Vaude, Outwell, Ayacucho, Stanley, Ayacuhco, Sun Bum, Ayacuhco, Blue Mountain, Bo Camp - all available at A.S.Adventure

Yearly Adventures: Epic Weekend Getaways or Holidays

Plan an epic yearly adventure, be it a weekend or a holiday, to the Ardennes, seaside, or abroad. Envision embarking on adventurous hikes, experiencing nocturnal walks, and relishing the great outdoors. These grand adventures are more than just trips - they’re epic journeys that deepen your family’s connection with nature and with each other.

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About the nature triangle

The nature triangle stems from a scientific manifesto written by the five health & kids experts and practitioners, in which they call for maximum outdoor play and sufficient time spent in nature, as part of the awareness campaign Daily Dose of Nature, an initiative by A.S.Adventure. Nature, after all, is a playground full of benefits: for mental, physical, and social well-being. Read more about the campaign here (NL) or here (FR).

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