My Cocktail Brings All the Boys To the Yard

My Cocktail Brings All the Boys To the Yard

What your favorite cocktail says about you and your style

On May 13th, we raise a glass to World Cocktail Day. Whether you're craving a tequila sunrise or a refreshing mojito, let's celebrate this day in style. Pick your favorite cocktail and let your outfit mirror its essence. Twinning is always a fashionable win!

Pina Colada: Life Of The Party

If your go-to cocktail is a Pina Colada, you're probably the life of the party! With your cheerful outlook on life and "carpe diem" attitude, you light up any gathering. For your perfect outfit, think neutral tones with a pop of vibrant yellow, mirroring your fun-loving personality. Pair it with your Pina Colada, and you'll spread positivity wherever you go!

JBC x Kim Van Oncen - CKS - Veritas - SJ

Blue Lagoon: Adventure Seekers

Blue Lagoon lovers are the adventurers of the group! You're always up for a beach trip to catch some waves, fueled by adrenaline and a thirst for new experiences. Style? You've got it covered! Slip into those trendy blue shorts, pop on some cute heels, and embrace the thrill in style. Enjoy every moment of your adventurous day with a Blue Lagoon as a wrap-up.

Bristol - LolaLiza ​ - Bristol - Tamaris

Tequila Sunrise: Ray Of Sunshine

If the Tequila Sunrise is your favorite cocktail, you're a ray of sunshine wherever you go. Your vibrant personality shines bright, just like the essence of your beloved drink. Your go-to outfit? Think relaxed, cheerful vibes with bright colors and comfy attire. Whether you're mingling or chilling out, you effortlessly spread warmth everywhere you roam.

Gigue - Mayerline - Unisa - Floris van Bommel

Mojito: Nature Lover

If you're all about relaxing in nature, then the Mojito is likely your top pick! You love outdoor adventures like hiking, and unwinding with a fresh cocktail on the beach is your idea of paradise. Opt for earthy green tones in your outfit to match the Mojito and the serene surroundings.

Mayerline - CKS - Freedom Moses - CKS

Cosmopolitan: XOXO Gossip Girl

If you're a Cosmopolitan fan, you're embodying Serena van der Woodsen's it girl vibe! Like the iconic Gossip Girl character, you're always ready for a stylish adventure. Your polished yet playful style mirrors the classic drink you adore. Whether you're at rooftop bars or hitting the dance floor, you bring Serena's confidence and allure to every outing. Cheers to that!

Caroline Biss - La Redoute Collections - Caroline Biss - Unisa

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