My 5 to 9 before my 9 to 5

My 5 to 9 before my 9 to 5

An energizing morning routine for selfcare before going to work

The "my 5 to 9 before my 9 to 5" TikTok trend is all about people’s pre-work morning routines: early morning chores and activities, healthy habits, selfcare practices and workout regimens. A systematic morning routine can offer a sense of ease and calm before diving into the bustling workday. Come with us to discover a 5 to 9 morning routine before your 9 to 5.

6:45AM: Wake up and Start with Cozy Steps

Begin your day with the utmost comfort and warmth as you slip out of bed and into your cozy winter slippers. There's nothing quite as delightful as sliding your cold morning feet into the coziest slippers to kickstart your day. A snug and warm start of your day.

3x Freedom Moses

6:50AM: Rise and Grind (your coffee beans)

Elevate your morning with the soothing aroma and rich flavors of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. This worldwide beloved morning ritual can help boost your mood and prepare you for a productive day ahead, providing an essential dose of motivation and comfort as you prepare to take on the day's challenges.

2x Sage Appliances - La Redoute Intérieurs

7:10AM: Refresh and Revitalize

Taking a moment to pamper yourself in front of the bathroom mirror is a vital act of self-care. Not only does it improve your skin, it also boosts your mood.

4x Lierac

4x Phyto

7:25AM: Look Good, Feel Good

The right lingerie is the secret weapon in your daily morning routine, as it has the power to provide a significant boost in self-assurance, setting a positive tone for your day. As you select your ensemble, consider the impact of these intimate details on your overall confidence and mood as you head into the world, ready to tackle the day with renewed self-assuredness.

8x Hunkemöller

7:30AM: Dress for Success

A thoughtfully selected outfit can bring to your morning routine, serving as a crucial decision that can set the tone for your entire day and give you that confidence boost you need to kickstart your day. Your attire is more than just fabric; it's your armor, your statement, and your source of empowerment. By dressing with intention, you'll feel ready to conquer the world, facing the day's challenges with style and determination.

Komono at Juttu - Tango Shoes at Juttu - Mayerline - Caroline Biss

LolaLiza - BRAX - Lee Cooper - Unisa

8:00AM: Get that Leg Workout in

Biking or walking to work not only reduces your carbon and fuel footprint and helps you avoid Belgium's traffic issues, but your daily dose of nature also offers a multitude of personal benefits. It not only improves your physical and mental well-being, it also boosts your creativity.

2x AGU at A.S.Adventure - Gofluo at A.S.Adventure - GRIBGRAB at A.S.Adventure - Gooff at A.S.Adventure - Anita Active


Basil at A.S.Adventure - Ortlieb at A.S.Adventure - Vaude at A.S.Adventure -
​Lezyne at A.S.Adventure - QL at A.S.Adventure

8:45AM: Kickstart your Workday

Commence your workday with a refreshing drink that invigorates you, getting you your "natural kick". A small yet impactful step for renewed enthusiasm and focus.

2x GIMBER Ready.To.Drink - 2x Qallo

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