MMBSY's FW24/25 Trend Forecast

MMBSY's FW24/25 Trend Forecast

Welcome to FW24/25. As AI and our always-on culture reshape our lives, we're craving authenticity and calmness more than ever. This time, designers mix classic styles with digital flair, offering stylish retreats from the chaos. Curious about what we’ll be wearing? Let’s find out!

MMBSY lists the 7 most remarkable trends now in the fashion scene.

Elevating your wardrobe essentials with a feminine twist is what ladylike dressing is all about. Polished midi skirts, chic tailoring, barely-there pumps, and elegant touches like leather and pearl are the assets to play with. Though sophisticated, it can be dressed down for a more relaxed look.

ReBELLE Antwerp, Caroline Biss

ReBELLE Antwerp, BRAX, La Redoute Collections, Unisa

La Redoute Collections, Caroline Biss, BRAX, Unisa

This Fall-Winter, a bold coat or cape is your must-have. Think reimagined officer coats, cabans, and power jackets that channel Belle Époque feminist icons. From wool wonders to leather luxuries, these head-turning pieces scream elegance. Guess all heroes do wear capes.

Caroline Biss, Betty Barclay

Caroline Biss, Mayerline, Lee Cooper, Floris Van Bommel

Mayerline, Betty Barclay, BRAX, SJ

Nothing is more iconic of Great Britain than tartan, and it's making an triumphant return this Fall! Designers are reimagining this classic pattern, encouraging us to dress with personality through bold colors, fabrics, and statement silhouettes. Channel your inner Cher from 'Clueless' and rock your best checkered outfit!

Mayerline, Lee Cooper

Caroline Biss, Four Roses at Juttu, La Redoute Collections, Unisa

Mayerline x2, La Redoute Collections, Veritas

Next season, leather reigns supreme! Not the most shocking trend, but certainly the most timeless, this premium material adorned shirts, skirts, dresses, and coats in glossy finishes. While black leather remains a staple, trendy blues, browns, and greens are taking center stage.

Caroline Biss, NEWD.Tamaris


Caroline Biss, La Redoute Collections, Caroline Biss, Longines


Caroline biss, B.Young at Juttu (available from August), Caroline biss, Tamaris

Transparent looks stole the spotlight at fashion week, setting the stage for see-through styles to be the next big hit. And we're totally here for it! Sheer pieces offer endless styling fun, whether paired with lingerie for a flirty twist or accented with lace for an extra touch of elegance.

Hunkemöller, JBC

JBC x2, LingaDore x2

Hunkemöller x2, B.Young at Juttu (available from August), La Redoute Collections

Staying cozy and chic during winter is non-negotiable, and guess what? Fashion week just made it a whole lot more fun with a fluffy frenzy! Picture furry trousers, jackets, scarves, and more, strutting down the runway in every cute color imaginable – it's like a cuddle party for your wardrobe.

LingaDore, Freedom Moses


Mayerline, CKS, BRAX, Freedom Moses


Freedom Moses, Another Label at Juttu (available from August), Betty Barclay, Lee Cooper

When it comes to colors, brown teams up with red to steal the show! From cocoa sweaters to earthy skirts, brown brings warmth and versatility, while red, from scarlet to cherry, dazzles from head-to-toe or as a bold accent. These fiery hues, adorned with playful patterns, make a stylish statement everywhere they go.

BRAX, Betty Barclay

Betty Barclay, LolaLiza, Unisa, La Redoute Collections


Caroline Biss, La Redoute Collections, CKS, Floris Van Bommel

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