MMBSY Bulletin: insights on a silver platter

MMBSY Bulletin: insights on a silver platter

PR, Content Marketing & Influencer Marketing

As we speak, we're all adapting to the 'new normal' of our world. This requires new insights, flexibility and above all, creativity. After these intense few months of adapting, learning and growing, we have lots of exciting new insights that we want to share with you. Check out this weeks' best read blogposts about PR, Content Marketing & Influencer Marketing.

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How storytelling can help your brand during COVID-19

How can storytelling help your brand during a crisis? These times ask for a different communication style to your customers and potential clients. But how can you align your business goals with the current needs and changed lives of your audience? Read our tips and cases on how to use strategic storytelling for your brand in times of crisis. Read more in our blog.

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Digital PR at the crossroads of crisis and opportunity

COVID-19 also put digital PR in crisis mode. Luckily - every story has it’s hero, and in this case: it’s the consumer. Not sure how that consumer will save us in this (post) Corona-world? Read more on our blog!

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7 social distancing trends on social media

In times of social distancing, one has to be resourceful in social togetherness - digitally that is. Right? The MMBSY-Social Team has lined up 7 of the hottest trends in social town for you. Find out more here.

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