Mirror mirror on the wall…

Mirror mirror on the wall…

We make sure you are the shiniest of them all! Metallic foils, reflective tissues, sequins... This fall, all eyes are on you. See how we fire up your boring winter fits.


Full glitter & glam party look


LolaLiza, Brax, Tamaris, MAE by Veritas

Into the outdoors

Bristol, CKS, Bristol, Betty Barclay

Everyday footwear with metallic infusion

Tamaris, Unisa x 3

Come shine at our SS24 Kick-off Days!

Mirrors, as our guiding muse, representing a kaleidoscope of styles and identities that live within us. We seamlessly weave elements from the past, present, and future onto a dynamic canvas, exploring the interplay of contrasts.

Lay your eyes on the multifaceted aspects of fashion, beauty, beverages, and décor, as we are ready to serve you the SS24 trends.

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Will your reflection grace our event?

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