Ladies Who Luxe

Ladies Who Luxe

Quiet Luxury is a term that's been all over the internet these past months. But what does it really mean? We often assume Quiet Luxury is only for the wealthy, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is about investing in the best quality you can afford on your personal budget, and paying attention to craftsmanship so you can ensure the longevity of your wardrobe. Purchasing qualitative pieces is one of the easiest ways to combat fashion waste, making sure that you only buy what you can build on in your existing wardrobe, and therefore wear for a long time.

Bare Necessities

A white shirt with contemporary allure, a classic black sweater with contrasting details, and a beige long-sleeved top are all core items that can seamlessly be combined with any bottom. The neutral colors make them a blank canvas, but the details add an interesting touch.

Object at Juttu, Caroline Biss, Betty Barclay

Building Blocks

Invest in pants in neutral colors, those will last you a lifetime. Opt for a soft eggshell straight silhouette, elegant dark-wash denim, or a modern and classy update on the traditional cargo pant.

BRAX, Object at Juttu, Lee Cooper

Subdued Sparkle

Any outfit can be elevated by adding the right accessories. Simple jewelry in gold and silver instantly makes an outfit look more luxe.

Lore Van Keer (3x)

Timeless Elegance

Watches are the ultimate investment piece. Opt for a qualitative leather band, or keep it simple with a steel chain-link strap. Looking to go the extra mile and make your watch the star of your outfit? A trending color and diamond details add contrast to any outfit.

Longines (4x)

Mix & Match

Shoes and bags can easily make or break an outfit. By opting for classic models in neutral colors, you are investing in accessories that can be worn time and time again, with any outfit and for any occasion. You can also opt for a timeless model in color, to keep your look interesting and unexpected.

Tamaris, Unisa, Floris van Bommel, Caroline Biss

Caroline Biss, Matt&Nat at Juttu, Caroline Biss, Another Label at Juttu

Luxury Layers

A coat or jacket in an off-white color is the ultimate layering piece. Keep the fit and cut modern but classic, and you've got the ultimate investment piece.

Caroline Biss (2x), Mayerline (2x)

Header image from Vogue Scandinavia.

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