It's hip to be square: a playful twist on plaids

It's hip to be square: a playful twist on plaids

Dive into a world where squares rule the runway and plaid gets a playful makeover. Tartan, Gingham, houndstooth or chessboard: let geometrics rule your fall wardrobe.

Pretty in Pink Plaids

Selected at JUTTU - 2x CKS

Checkered Charm

2x B.Young at JUTTU - Caroline Biss

Blocked Beauty

2x Four Roses at JUTTU - Unisa

Sassy Squares

3x Caroline Biss

Graceful Geometric

GUESS - SUN68 - Unisa

Tantalizing Tartan

2x SUN68 - Becksöndergaard at JUTTU

Radiant in Rectangles

Y.A.S at JUTTU - Hampton Bays at JUTTU - NEWD.Tamaris

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