Get your wardrobe Eurovision ready

Get your wardrobe Eurovision ready

As the excitement builds for the Eurovision Song Festival 2024, it's time to prepare not just your playlists, but also your wardrobe! This year, the competition promises to be as thrilling as ever, with a selection of talented artists and unforgettable performances. To help you get into the Eurovision spirit, we've curated a selection of trendsetting outfits inspired by Eurovision country flags.


Belgium's entry, "Before the Party’s Over" by Mustii, is bursting with energy and charisma. With a performance that matches the song's vibe, Belgium is about to make a strong impression on the Eurovision stage. Mustii, also known as Thomas Mustin, is a versatile artist who has performed in many musicals and theaters. He's also a well-known singer in Wallonia and has graced stages like Les Ardentes and Ancienne Belgique.

La Redoute Collections (2x) - Oakley at Pearle - ​ Unisa


Switzerland's entry, "The Code," is generating massive buzz. With a unique blend of rap and opera, this song has captured the hearts of many, earning Switzerland the top spot in the bookmakers' predictions. Nemo stated that the song details their realization of their non-binary identity. As one of the first non-binary people to step onto the Eurovision stage, Nemo's goals go beyond winning.

Caroline Biss (2x) - Longines - Tamaris


Get ready to be wowed by Croatia's "Rim Tim Tagi Dim". Baby Lasagna brings hapiness in a song with clever lyrics and a metal vibe similar to Rammstein's. Baby Lasagna, aka Marko Purišić, not only fronts this act but also rocks as a singer-songwriter and guitarist for his band, Manntra. Fun fact, Marko revealed in an interview that he came up with his stage name while taking a casual walk by the coast with his fiancée and he just loved the randomness of it!

BRAX - Juttu (2x) - Unisa

The Netherlands

Joost Klein's "Europapa" is a mix of pop and happy hardcore, guaranteed to get stuck in your head for days. This song is a heartfelt tribute from Joost to his father. The song narrates the journey of an orphan traveling across Europe and beyond, determined to share his story and pursue his dreams without limits. Inspired by his father's expansive worldview, Joost celebrates the courage to seize every opportunity to be seen and heard.

Bristol x Joost Klein (2x) - Lee Cooper - BRAX


Italy's entry, "La Noia," is set to get everyone on their feet with its infectious beat. "La Noia," meaning 'boredom,' explores life's monotony and the positive self-discovery that can appear from it. Angelina Mango became popular in 2023, getting four platinum and two gold records alongside a sold-out tour in Italy. Mixing Italian and American rap, R&B, and instrumental elements, her music resonates with Gen Z anxieties, love, freedom, and family values.

CKS - BRAX (2x) - Caroline Biss


The dynamic duo, alyona alyona and Jerry Heil, unite in a match made in heaven for this year's contest. Their song "Teresa & Maria" is about hope and is symbolized by references to Mother Teresa and the Virgin Mary. This collaboration blends their unique styles, creating a powerful message of optimism and resilience.


Caroline Biss - Lee Cooper - Juttu - Gigue


"Mon Amour," by the talented Slimane, is a tribute to love in all its forms. Written for his parents and daughter, his emotional ballad aims to charm Europe. Slimane states that he wrote this song as a love letter that he is sending to all hearts that want to listen to it. The French delegation praises Slimane and is confident in his ability to captivate audiences with his touching song.

LolaLiza (2x) - Tamaris - Unisa

We look forward to seeing all the spectacular performances and we wish all the candidates the best of luck!




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