Get Ready to Conquer the 10 Miles in Antwerp

Get Ready to Conquer the 10 Miles in Antwerp

Going the Extra Mile in Style

The annual "10 Miles" in Antwerp is almost here. Scheduled for April 21st, runners from across the country will come together to conquer those 10 miles. Running such a long distance is quite the challenge, but having the right gear can truly make a world of difference. Picture comfy sport bras, compression socks and those oh-so-perfect leggings. With these items you'll have the confidence to push yourself that extra mile. So, let's lace up those shoes and hit the ground running.

Creating a supportive base

Support is a necessity during long endurance runs, whether it's from your friends or your sports gear. That's why building a strong foundation is crucial. Make sure you're wearing a sports bra that you feel comfortable in and that fits perfectly.

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The oh-so-perfect leggings or shorts

Whether you opt for leggings or shorts to run in is entirely your call. The key is to choose what feels most comfortable, especially for a 10-mile stretch. Prep those legs and get ready to shine in style.

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Cold? No, thanks

In Belgium, it's wise to play it safe, considering the chance of sudden showers or unpredictable weather. Be prepared by wearing layers and bringing along extra clothing such as a sweater, jacket, or extra sweatpants to keep yourself warm and ensure a comfortable start!

Uncertain about the best layering strategy? No worries, A.S.Adventure has got you covered. Read the article: 'What running clothes are best for what temperature?' and become a layering pro in no time.

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Your biggest supporters

Your shoes are your ultimate supporters. Never underestimate the importance of having top-notch footwear that will keep your feet going. Pick a pair that makes you feel like you're running on clouds.

Still looking for the perfect pair of running shoes? Discover your perfect match in this article "How to choose the best running shoes?" by A.S.Adventure. Best of luck on your search!

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Musts to survive the 10 miles

The must-haves for running the 10 miles? A sweatband for hot weather, a drink canister for much-needed hydration, energizers, compression socks to prevent injuries and last but not least: a watch that allows you to track your health and performance. With these items, you'll be all set to rock those 10 miles.

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Never forget

Never forget... a warm-up and a cool down! These steps are crucial to prepare your body for an intense run and to properly stretch afterward. Ensure you have comfortable shoes, and a fun bonus is to opt for a pair in a bright, eye-catching color.

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