Get on your bike and join the "30 Dagen Minder Wagen" Challenge

Get on your bike and join the "30 Dagen Minder Wagen" Challenge

Making a positive change, one pedal at a time

Are you looking for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle? Embrace the "30 Dagen Minder Wagen" challenge and discover the joys of a car-free lifestyle. Enjoy the fresh air, stay stylish while biking, and gear up with the best accessories for a smooth and enjoyable ride. Let's make a positive change for our health and the environment, one pedal at a time.


Get that Daily Dose of Nature in

Spending more time outside offers a multitude of benefits for both adults and kids. Fresh air and natural sunlight can improve mood, boost vitamin D levels, and enhance overall mental health. Adults can experience reduced stress and improved concentration by immersing themselves in nature. For children, outdoor activities foster creativity, physical fitness, and social skills. Did you know that according to the nature triangle (powered by A.S.Adventure) children should spend at least 60 minutes per day outside playing? A bike ride would already be the biggest difference!

Nature triangle, powered by A.S.Adventure

Fashion Forward: fashionable biking gear

When it comes to biking, comfort and style go hand in hand. Opt for breathable fabrics that allow for easy movement, such as moisture-wicking athletic wear or casual outfits with a bit of stretch. Layering is essential for adapting to changing weather conditions (especially in Belgium), so consider a lightweight jacket or a cozy hoodie. Blend functionality with fashion for practical yet chic biking experience.

4x Bioracer at A.S.Adventure

Agu at A.S.Adventure - Sprayway at A.S.Adventure - 2x Gofluo at A.S.Adventure

Sprayway at A.S.Adventure - Vaude at A.S.Adventure - 2x Agu at A.S.Adventure

Ray-Ban 2x at Pearle - Oakley at Pearle

Gear Up: must-have bike accessories

The right accessories can transform your biking experience from good to great. Start with a sturdy bike lock to keep your ride secure and invest in a comfortable saddle for longer journeys. A spacious, weatherproof bike bag or basket is perfect for carrying essentials, whether it's groceries or work supplies. For safety, consider adding reflective gear, lights, and a bell to your bike. Accessories like a phone mount or a water bottle holder can add convenience to your rides.

Abus at A.S.Adventure - Gooff at A.S.Adventure - Melon at A.S.Adventure - Nutcase at A.S.Adventure

Agu at A.S.Adventure - Basil at A.S.Adventure - 2x Ortlieb at A.S.Adventure

2x Lenzyne at A.S.Adventure - Nite Ize at A.S.Adventure - Wowow at A.S.Adventure

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