Fall/Winter 2020 : A Space Odyssey

Fall/Winter 2020 : A Space Odyssey

Travelling through space is getting closer than ever. NASA is working towards sending astronauts to Mars, and Space X is on its way developing rockets and capsules that will eventually carry people. The designers of the fall/winter collections have also been seeking inspiration into the vast expanse of the universe, partly triggered by the wonders of the cosmos, partly to escape Earth’s first problems such as environmental pollution and precarious international politics. Whenever the state of the world we’re living in becomes dispiriting, designers often look to outer space for inspiration.

Mission to Mars

Inspired by the desolate landscapes of the dusty planet Mars, the FW20 collections are filled with burnt orange hues just like the iron oxide (like rust) in its soil. As designers are exploring the contours of the red planet, moody tones and spacey surfaces are defining the color palettes. This is also especially clear in the red colorways dominating the collections, reminding us of a Martian horizon with red light scattering all over the sky and reflecting its solar glory.

Mayerline, Marciano GUESS, GUESS Jeans

Mayerline, O'Neill, Betty Barclay

BRAX, Caroline Biss

GUESS Croco Bag, Floris Van Bommel, Unisa

Into the deep space

As we head further into space, the frozen world of far away icy planets and comets plunging from beyond the orbit of Neptune, inspire with their undercooled hues balancing between white and pale blue. The image of still water is translated into smooth satin fabrics, while the unique shapes of icy landscapes and its interplay of lines and refracted light take form in puffed-out coats and strong textures.

Mayerline, GUESS Jeans, Marciano GUESS, O'Neill

Mayerline, Betty Barclay, Marciano GUESS

BRAX, Caroline Biss

Space-inspired flashes of silver enter the collections, from a quilted puffer coat for walking onto the moon to accessories that shimmer like mysterious, shiny objects. Lore Van Keer's jewelry new BRUT collection features an architectural approach to futuristic shapes, while shoes are another great entry point with everything from boots to stiletto’s in high-shine metalics.

GUESS Footwear, Betty Barclay, Lore Van Keer, Diamanti Per Tutti

Tamaris, Diamanti Per Tutti, Betty Barclay, Lore Van Keer

Space kids

Kids dreaming of flying into space as an astronaut can indulge into the collection of Belgian brand Jeune Premier. With these satchels they'll fly like a rocket to the starry sky!


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