Father's Day: Gift Guide Edition

Father's Day: Gift Guide Edition

It’s time to celebrate dads all over the world with the perfect gifts

With Father's Day just around the corner, it's time to show your dad how much he means to you. This year, why not treat him to something special that perfectly suits his unique personality? Dive into our guide for inspiration and find a fashionable gift that will bring joy to your dad for many years to come.

For the active dads

Does your dad live and breathe sports, always hitting the pavement for a morning run or hitting the gym after work? Then you are sure to score big points this Father's Day by getting him a gift that matches his active lifestyle. Whether it's a fresh pair of shoes, a handy sports bag, earpods or a matching workout set, these gifts will take his fitness game to the next level and add an extra dose of fun.

SUN68 (3x) - A.S.Adventure (3x)

For the business dads

Other dads prefer to spend their days behind their desks, running a business with style and grace. Surprise these dads by elevating their office attire with a sharp new suit, a sleek watch or eye-catching shoes. Or keep it simple yet stylish with tailored pants, a classic polo shirt or a new pair of glasses. With these gifts, your dad will be the talk of the office, leaving his colleagues in awe.

Bristol (2x) - Longines - Floris Van Bommel

Terre Bleue - Matinique at Juttu - Polo Ralph Lauren at Pearle ​ - Floris Van Bommel

For the vacation dads

And then there are the dads who love to say goodbye to their desks and trade them in for a nice family vacation. Can we really blame them? Not at all! So why not treat your dad to the ultimate vacation must-haves? Think beach towels, slippers, a stylish suitcase or a fun pair of printed swim trunks. With these vacation essentials, your dad is all set for the next family getaway.


BRAX - SUN68 (3x) - ​ A.S.Adventure (2x)

For the comfort-seeking dads

Some dads simply prefer to spend their days on the couch, eagerly awaiting bedtime, even while working. You can make this type of dad very happy with all kinds of comfortable gifts. Consider cozy pajamas for a restful night's sleep or comfortable loungewear to relax on the couch at home. And let's not forget the importance of comfortable underwear to keep your dad feeling at ease all day long.

Bristol - La Redoute Collections (4x)

For the denim lover dads

Or maybe you have a dad who practically lives in denim, wearing it from sunrise to sunset. Then treat your father to some stylish denim gifts, such as a fresh pair of jeans, denim shoes or a trendy denim vest. Take a peek in his closet and complete his denim collection with the perfect pieces.

Terre Bleue (2x) - Floris Van Bommel - BRAX - Lee Cooper

For the trendy dads

Last but certainly not least, we have the dads who are effortlessly cool and always rock the latest trends. That's why the following gifts are perfect for all the cool dads out there. Spice up their outfits with a trendy cap, socks with playful prints, vibrant sneakers or funky sunglasses. This way, you will elevate his fashion game to the next level.

SUN68 (2x) - Bristol - Polo Ralph Lauren at Pearle - La Redoute Collections

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