Fashion's new take on the 'peace and love' era

Fashion's new take on the 'peace and love' era


Time to let our inner hippie out! This year’s biggest fashion trends are steeped in joy and ease, so be ready to embrace mind-expanding prints, loose fitting shapes and a return to crafty fabrics.

After a long period of joy-depriving measures, fashion is now more than ready to break the chains. Enter the references to the seventies, the era of freedom of expression. Designers seem to have found a psychedelic escape and embrace trippy prints and swirls. Bold flower prints, groovy colors and patterns, and other peace and love references are making their way into the collections. The silhouettes are loose, giving freedom of movement of the body. Brands are starting to return to new eco-friendly handcrafted designs, giving a modern take to 70’s crochets and bohemian patchworks.

Header images by CKS and

CKS - Betty Barclay - Caroline Biss

GUESS Jeans - 2x Marciano by GUESS

CKS - JBC - Améline by Mayerline

2x Imprevu - Veritas

GUESS Jeans - CKS (2x)


Lee Cooper - Freedom Moses - GUESS Originals

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