Fashion for the Formula 1 devotees

Fashion for the Formula 1 devotees

Trendy outfits to cheer on your favourite F1 team

Lights out and away we go! The new season of the hit Netflix series "Drive to Survive" is finally here after a very long off-season, and with it comes the countdown to the start of the Formula 1 season next week in Bahrain. As fans around the world get ready for the 2023 season and gear up to cheer on their favourite teams, why not do it in style? We've put together fashionable outfits for both men and women to support each of the ten teams on the grid in their iconic team colors. So, whether you've been a die-hard fan since the Senna age or just getting into the sport after watching Drive to Survive, get ready to show your support and look good while doing so.

Ferrari: The Tifosi

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As the oldest currently active F1 team, Ferrari is probably the most iconic team in F1, with a rich history and passionate Tifosi fan base. Embrace the team's signature color of bright red with a bold and fiery outfit. “Everybody is a Ferrari fan. Even if they say they’re not, they are Ferrari fans” as Sebastian Vettel once put it.

Floris van Bommel - Catwalk Junkie at Juttu ​ - Longines - La Redoute Collections
​4x Caroline Biss

Mercedes: Silver Arrows shine in black

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Dating back to the 1930s, the team's iconic “Silver Arrows” color scheme is a nod to its racing history. In 2020, Mercedes switched to an all-black livery and in 2022, they returned to their silver roots. Today, they’ve gone back to black. While the iconic silver colors are not in their livery anymore, we can still channel the Silver Arrows spirit through a fitting outfit.

Lee Cooper - SUN68 - Longines - Floris van Bommel
​La Redoute Collections - Lee Cooper - Caroline Biss - Tamaris

Red Bull: The RBR's

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“It’s going Dutch!” as Crofty legendary said in 2021. Will it go Dutch again in 2023? A Dutch lion with an absolute (Mexican) animal by his side, Red Bull will give it their all for a third consecutive World Championship title, as ,one of the most successful teams in recent years.

GUESS - Longines - BRAX - Floris van Bommel
​BRAX - Betty Barclay - Caroline Biss - La Redoute Collections

Alpine: The French Heritage

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In 2023, Alpine is going back to their roots: with two French drivers, who grew up close to each other in Normandy and are the same age, driving for a French team. Embrace the cool blue and flashy pink of their team colors. Liked by Pierre Gasly!

BRAX - Betty Barclay - BRAX - Floris van Bommel
​Caroline Biss - La Redoute Collections - Betty Barclay - Caroline Biss

Alfa Romeo: The Italian Sporty Spice

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If you root for the Alfa Romeo team, embrace your inner Italian/Swiss heritage with a sleek but sporty outfit. Red and black are the colors of choice for Alfa Romeo fans, as the only Swiss team but with Italian heritage on the grid opts for a all-red and black livery in 2023.

Lee Cooper - BRAX - Longines - Floris van Bommel
​3x La Redoute Collections - Longines

McLaren: The Papaya Army

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McLaren's distinctive papaya orange color has become synonymous with the team, and is a favorite among F1 fans. Embrace the bold and bright color with a fun and bright outfit.

BRAX - Freedom Moses - Lee Cooper - Caroline Biss
​Caroline Biss - Tamaris - Longines - Caroline Biss

Haas: The American Dream

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Don't smash their doors. Will Haas look like rockstars or a bunch of w** or clowns in 2023? As the only American team in F1, the American dream continues in the 2023 season.

BRAX - Lee Cooper - BRAX - Floris van Bommel
​3x Caroline Biss - Longines

Aston Martin: The Classy Brits

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As one of the world's most iconic car brands, embrace the team's British heritage with a sophisticated, classy outfit.

Lee Cooper - BRAX - Longines - Floris van Bommel
​Caroline Biss - La Redoute Collections - 2x Caroline Biss

Williams: True Blue

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Although Williams may have had a few difficult past years, as they may not have the same level of success as some of the other teams and as in their team history, Williams has been pulling out all the stops to turn the tide. With George Russell finishing on the podium in 2021 and Albon reaching Q3 in 2022, who knows what 2023 has in store for them?


BRAX - Lee Cooper - Longines - GUESS
​3x Caroline Biss - La Redoute Collections

AlphaTauri: The blues and whites in the bullseye

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Probably one of the most fashion minded teams on the grid with their own clothing brand. Spot the AlphaTauri fans in their iconic blue and white team signature colors in a casual yet stylish outfit.

Floris van Bommel - 3x BRAX
​Caroline Biss - La Redoute Collections - Caroline Biss - Longines

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