Dancing in the Rain: Festival Fun & Fashionable Looks in the Wet Weather

Dancing in the Rain: Festival Fun & Fashionable Looks in the Wet Weather

The rain might try to wash away our festival summer, but it can never dampen our festival spirit. Transform your festival look with rain-proof essentials, such as stylish raincoats, waterproof boots, and vivid umbrellas. With the right gear, you're not just prepared, you're all set to turn the rain into an unforgettable part of the adventure. So, grab your raincoat and get ready to dance through the downpour!

Look 1:

Ayacucho at A.S.Adventure, SUN68, Ayacucho at A.S.Adventure, LolaLiza,The North Face at A.S.Adventure, Ayacucho at A.S.Adventure

Look 2:

Gigue, La Redoute Collections, LolaLiza, Terre Bleue, SJ, Juttu

Look 3:

Betty Barclay, BRAX, La Redoute Collections, Numph at Juttu, 2x La Redoute Collections

Look 4:

Betty Barclay, 2x La Redoute Collections, LolaLiza, La Redoute Collections, Terre Bleue

Look 5:

Ayacucho at A.S.Adventure, La Redoute Collections, Ayacucho at A.S.Adventure, JBC, Aigle at A.S.Adventure, La Redoute Collections

Don't forget to equip yourself with other essential rainproof items:

Ayacucho at A.S.Adventure, Grangers at A.S.Adventure, Sunnylife at Juttu, Vaude at A.S.Adventure, 2x Ayacucho at A.S.Adventure, Vaude at A.S.Adventure

Outdoor expert A.S.Adventure shares some useful tips for festivals in rainy weather:

  • Do not place a tarp under your tent if the tarp extends out from under the tent. This will cause water running off the tent to collect on the tarp and seep underneath, creating a puddle under your tent. If you want to use a tarp, make sure it doesn’t stick out from under the tent. It’s even better to let the water soak into the ground, even if it’s already muddy.
  • Choose a decent tent that will keep you dry during the festival and that you can use on other trips afterward.
  • Bring two towels. It will be harder to get your towel dry, so having a spare is not a luxury. A compact, quick-drying towel is very handy.
  • Don’t forget your rain jacket, rain pants, and waterproof shoes. Consider gaiters -they may not be the most "sexy" item, but they will keep your feet dry.
  • Bring waterproof bags to store your belongings.
  • Quick-drying t-shirts are very useful. If the sun breaks through, your t-shirt will dry more quickly.
  • Dress in layers (t-shirt - fleece/sweater - jacket). If the sun comes out, it can get warm quickly.
  • Spray your waterproof jacket with a water-repellent spray to ensure it stays water-resistant.

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