Gear Up for Festival Season: The Ultimate Packing List

Gear Up for Festival Season: The Ultimate Packing List

10 Essentials to Get You Festival-Ready

As festival season approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and overlook some of the essentials needed to fully enjoy the festivities. But fear not, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a checklist of all those commonly forgotten items that you absolutely don’t want to leave behind when packing your bag.

#1 Sunglasses

Don't leave without your favorite pair of sunglasses. They not only shield your eyes but also add extra style to your festival look. A must-have for any festival!

Emporio Armani, Coach, Ray-Ban x2, all available at Pearle

#2 Sunscreen

A sunburn during a festival can happen quickly. Prepare yourself well with sunscreen that suits your skin type best.

Seventy One at Juttu x4

#3 Tents & camping equipment

For the all-in festival goers who are also up for the camping adventure: what’s camping without a good sturdy tent and a soft sleeping bag/mat?

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Nordisk at A.S.Adventure, Vaude at A.S.Adventure, Exped x2 at A.S.Adventure

#4 Chairs and hydro flask

For both campers and non-campers, it's incredibly handy to have your own foldable chair. It's perfect for relaxing at your campsite or while waiting for your favorite artist. Don't forget to bring along a reusable hydro flask to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Helinox at A.S.Adventure, Lafuma at A.S.Adventure, Hydroflask x2 at A.S.Adventure

#5 Headwear

Standing in the blazing sun can cause headaches, so wear a cap or hat for some extra shade. Plus, it's always convenient to have headwear on hand when those unexpected festival rain showers hit!

Caroline Biss, LeeCooper, Terre Bleue, Columbia at A.S.Adventure

#6 Shoulder bags

Don't forget to bring a shoulder bag where you can keep important items like your phone and wallet, freeing up your hands to dance the night away as Dua Lipa would say!

Kavu at A.S.Adventure, Betty Barclay, Caroline Biss, Gigue

#7 Walking shoes

At festivals, many kilometers are covered. Therefore it's very important to wear good, solid walking shoes to enjoy the festival without experiencing any discomfort in your feet. Trust us, there's nothing worse than aching feet slowing you down when you're trying to catch your favorite performances.

Floris van Bommel, SJ, On at A.S.Adventure, Tamaris

#8 Swimwear

Wearing swimwear can be a lifesaver when the festival field heats up or when you head to the communal showers at the campsite. So, whether you're cooling off under the sun or freshening up, bringing your swimwear is a must.

Hunkemöller x3, SUN68

#9 Sweaters

Even during summer festival season, the temperature can drop significantly at night. Make sure to pack a cozy sweater or two for layering when it gets cold. A good sweater will keep you warm and comfortable, allowing you to fully enjoy the nighttime festivities without shivering.

#10 Raincoats

Imagine dancing in the rain, not a care in the world, because you brought along a stylish rain jacket to your favorite festival. As the skies open up, you'll stay dry and comfortable, ready to enjoy every moment of the festival without a hitch.

Veritas, Ayacucho at A.S.Adventure x2, The North Face at A.S.Adventure

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