Celebrate World Earth Day

Celebrate World Earth Day

22nd April 2020 is International World Earth Day. This day is celebrated to remind us that Earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and livelihoods.

We expect a lot from Mother Earth. In order to maintain a fair balance between economic, social and ecological needs, we must do our bit too. The following brands totally got this message and aim to contribute to a better Earth. Step by step.



GUESS is again committed to sustainability this season with the Eco Denim collection. By 2021, Guess wants to offer 25% of the total denim choice as eco.

The exclusive range of this collection uses innovative fibres such as LENZING™ ECOVERO™. This fibre is made from certified renewable wood sources that undergo an eco-responsible production process. The production process reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption by 50% compared to generic viscose.

The collection dresses man, woman and child in an ecologically responsible way.


Brax is committed to corporate social responsibility and therefore focuses on the environment. Brax continuously works to reduce the use of resources.

The new BRAX Blue Planet collection includes jeans made with as little water and energy as possible, as well as chemicals, thanks to the use of the latest technologies such as laser and ozone. Their motto is: "water is life!"



Chantelle's collection thinks entirely in terms of the earth theme. In the Motif collection, which is made of 74% recycled material, we find the earthy shades of nature. Just think of congo red and sandy white.

Eco Rosa Faia

The swimsuits of the Eco Rosa Faia line have beautiful shades of blue, reminiscent of bright blue waters without plastic in it. The pieces are 100% made of the material ECONYL, which is produced entirely from fishing nets and other nylon waste. Eco Rosa Faia's ecological swimsuit makes you feel good when you dive into the ocean.  

La Redoute

Do you feel like sleeping in an ecologically responsible way? La Redoute's duvet cover consists of organic cotton.  Let's all dream about a greener earth.

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Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper proves that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. Lee Cooper optimises the production process of jeans by using less water, using green energy, drastically reducing the use of chemicals and becoming CO2 neutral. An Environmental Impact Measurement score is determined for each pair of jeans.

5 years ago the brand used 100 litres of water per jeans, now it only consumes 6 litres. Next season it will even use 2 litres.


Linen is so multifunctional. The look, the ventilating properties, the soft fabric and the environmental friendliness. Mayerline focuses on the latter aspect with their new collection that emphasizes natural fabrics.  

neubau eyewear

neubau eyewear clearly understands the concept of sustainablity well. Their new Côte du Soleil collection, is 100% made out of sustainable materials, in line with their See Good & Do Good vision. The collection was inspired by the Southern French elegance and the 60’s/70’s aesthetics in the French movie ‘La Piscine’. Think Maurice Ronet, Amy Schneider-vibes, hot summer days and unique, contemporary frames.

O'Neill Blue

O’Neill was founded in 1952 by Jack O’Neill when he invented the wetsuit. Since then O’Neill has been fighting for cleaner oceans, because now it’s no longer mankind who needs protection from the Ocean, but it’s the Ocean who needs our protection. O’Neill Blue is a sustainable collection, made out of at least 30% recycled materials from the Ocean.

All the effort that these brands put into it, make earth more beautiful and greener. Each brand is unique and tries to support sustainability in its own way.  How are you going to celebrate World Earth Day?

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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