Back to work!

Back to work!

After almost two months of constant redecorating, cleaning the house and doing home-workouts (or, just Netflix-ing all day), for many of us the time has finally come to go back to work! After weeks in pyjamas and sweatpants though, it's not easy to remember how we got up every day, brushed our hair and put on normal clothes. But not to worry! We've come up with a phased plan of our own: to get you dressing up again in no-time.

Step 1: top

Let's start at the top. This one might be the easiest of all, since we're used to this thanks to the many Zoom-calls. A colorful top, or a bold printed item, brightens up your outfit and is a great business look.

Mayerline - Améline by Mayerline (2x) - Caroline Biss - Guess (2x) - LolaLiza (2x)

Step 2: bottom

Next up: bottoms. This one might be the hardest to adjust to, since we've been walking around bottomless or in our sweatpants for weeks now. In these loose and wide bottoms and skirts however, you'll feel just as comfortable.

Elisabetta Franchi (2x) - Betty Barclay - Brax (2x) - Marciano for Guess (2x)

Step 2-and-a-half: top-and-bottom-in-1

If step 1 and 2 are a bit too much all at once, we have a loophole for you. Just wear a dress or a jumpsuit. That's two in one!

Betty Barclay - LolaLiza - Caroline Biss (3x) - JBC (2x) - L'Histoire de Louise

Step 3: shoes

Okay, shoes now. Flipflops or slippers don't count. If you're someone that has a hard time when it comes to changes, a sneaker is the most comfortable choice to make the switch. If you want to go for that real business look all at once, opt for a high heel.

Guess (2x) - Floris Van Bommel (2x) - SUN68 (2x) - Unisa (2x)  - Reebok

Step 4: accessories

Accessoiries make your outfit. Adding these to your look will uplift your outfit very easily.

Unisa (3x) - Mayerline (2x) - Caroline Biss (2x) - Lore Van Keer (3x) - Diamanti Per Tutti (3x)

That's it. You made it. You got dressed! Hooray! Now, back to work!


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