6 Ways to Celebrate Your Pals

6 Ways to Celebrate Your Pals

Happy International Day of Friendship!

Mark your calendars and rally your crew — on July 30th we celebrate International Day of Friendship, a day all about honoring your pals. Looking for some fun activities to do together? We've got your back! Hit the town for a shopping spree, splash around on a pool day, or kick back with a garden cinema. We’ve got the ultimate lineup for an epic day with your besties. Let's turn this day into a legendary adventure your group chat will be buzzing about for weeks!

Pool Day

Hunkemöller, LingaDore, Arnette at Pearle, Freedom Moses, Barts at A.S.Adventure, Sunnylife at Juttu

Afternoon Aperitif

Sage Appliances, Sarti, Double Dutch, 2x Anneke Crauwels, Bulldog

Shopping Spree

B.Young at Juttu, La Redoute Collections, SJ, ReBELLE, Unisa, BRAX

Garden Cinema

2x AM.PM (at La Redoute), 3x La Redoute Intérieurs, So'Home (at La Redoute)

Outdoor Fitness Class

2x Anita Active, Garmin, Rohnisch, Hoka (all available at A.S.Adventure), La Redoute Collections

Dinner Party

Sage Appliances, Anneke Crauwels, 3x AM.PM (at La Redoute), La Redoute Intérieurs

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